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"You are having more than one experience as you experience things.
The infinite and the human.
Being themselves, experiencing themselves, simultaneously experiencing one another, and everything that passes in between."



Brittany Brush was born and raised in the southeast United States, studying Fine Arts in both New Media and Sculpture at The Savannah College of Art & Design and The University of Georgia.


Working predominantly in sound, video, photography, and installation, Brush has an inherent fascination with the nature of reality and the inner workings of one's own consciousness. Her interdisciplinary practice reflects upon the juxtaposition of internal emotions and external environments, exploring these overlapping realities and their connectivity to both the body and the subconscious mind. Her work is a bridge linking external time and space to internal thoughts and feelings. Through abstract transformations of time, space, and reality, Brush constructs surreal environments: mental spaces and vast landscapes of internal psychological terrain to be tangibly experienced.


Within her original audio-visual compositions and use of abstraction, her work fuses memory, dreams, the subconscious, the sublime, the present moment and sensorial realities, into energetic experiences intended to elevate the consciousness of the viewer. Her work is the embodiment of the oscillation between : the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, the conscious and the unconscious.


Brittany's work puts on display the cosmic play between the manifestation of physical form and the non-physical underlying energetic force of God and the Universe, all simultaneously happening within and through the experience of the human vessel as one divine creation.


Brittany is the co-founder of Conscious Awakening TV,  co-founder, life coach, and intuitive guide at Vertically  Experienced, and operates her artistic practice in Laguna Beach, CA. 

Brittany Brush (b. 1987, USA)



Brittany Brush describes her life’s work as alchemically transforming formless energy into tangible energetic experiences, in order for others to experience their own sacred energy and to assist in humanity's evolution as a species. 

With a background in Psychology, her early work was inspired by the surrealist writings of André Breton and the works of Man Ray. Fascinated by the unknown depths of the human psyche, the development of her work directed her deep into her own subconscious mind. What she found in this space — vast, spectacular, horrifying, exhilarating — sparked a journey of self-discovery into the true nature of her existence and the true nature of reality itself. 

Through various intuitive techniques developed as part of her artistic practice, Brittany experienced a profound spiritual awakening through the process of making art. Her psychic centers activated as she began to intuitively co-create with the energy of the universe that was presenting itself through her artwork. This experience radically transformed the artist from the inside out. Her awakening shifted her perspective of reality, recalibrated the purpose of her artwork, and reconnected her with the divine mission encoded within her soul. Same eyes, same hands, same body, but now a completely different state of consciousness, a renewed sense of her true Self and a level of awareness that shifted how she perceived and experienced life itself.


"When you consciously choose the path that leads to your accelerated evolution and expansion—you can never go back to living the same way or being the same person that previously was.
You become renewed in every moment. New and expansive in all moments. There is no limit to what you can or will create from this continually expanding form."



My work is for the soul. 


I create portals, environments, and space for you to connect with your own sacred energy.


This is the journey of my work. 


It speaks to an internal truth and the internal reality — the relationship between who you really are and who you believe yourself to be.


The journey beyond the veils of illusion into new frontiers of unexplored infinity, imagining what is possible for humanity through the self actualized potential of each individual, from the inside, out.  My work is the radical revealing of systems of subconscious programming, social conditioning, self inflicted wounds, limited beliefs, and emotional trauma in order to do the inner work required to heal.


My work is the journey through the ego, beyond the mind, to the realization of your true self — an access point to experience the expanse within, to confront the truths of the universe within yourself. 


What I create is energetic space. Space for healing, realization, love, clarity, discovery, awakening and expansion.


Space for imagination, space to simply be, and space for direct experience.


I create to help humanity awaken to its true divine nature and identity, that we are spiritual beings having a very real human experience.


I create to help the world transcend the social engineering and mass programming to connect with a deeper truth through profound art experience.


I create in service to humanity to help others to awaken, to heal, to evolve, and to be inspired to create a new vision of reality.


I want you to have this space so you can experience for yourself the interconnected, multidimensional being that you are and that your human body is simply a vehicle. The human experience a pathway back to your true self.


Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you have the power to help humanity through experiencing the deeper reality within yourself.


But in the only way to truly know a deeper reality within you, is to experience it for yourself.