Finding Equilibrium


The Art Shift was founded on the idea that profound art experience transcends art and can change expand your perception of reality and how you experience life.  

Art that elevates our consciousness.

Art that expands our mind.

Expand the mind, and you can free the mind.

Free the mind, and you can change the world.



The artwork we curate helps us connect to the deeper meaning of who we are. 


It questions our existence, 


Explores the reality that is our collective and individual internal worlds, 


Connects us to elevated states of consciousness,


and creates space for collective healing, for discovery, for realization, for reunification, and for expansion.



The artwork we curate 

confronts the uncomfortable,


it unearths hidden truths and reveals hidden realities,


and sheds light on the darkness that lies within us,


It brings us face to face with the mystical and unexplainable, 


and has the capacity to assist in humanity's conscious evolution at this transformational moment in humanity’s unfolding history.

CarWash_Experiments_Still_1 copy.jpg

changing the world

We believe we change the world by creating a change within through being the embodiment of your message.


Exiting antiquated and disempowering systems, dismantling old paradigms and creating a new vision of the future that is in alignment with your soul's purpose and highest potential.

The Art Shift is the embodiment of our vision of the future. We honor the sacred nature of this artwork, as its presence is the conduit for an expansive thought revolution and shift in human consciousness.


We believe as stewards and custodians of this artwork that how it is cared for and experienced in each present moment has the power to shift our conscious evolution as a collective.