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It is a high calling to be an artist. Inherently, you are a creator — bringing life to something from nothing, which is now a living, breathing thing.


These creations have the power to awaken our collective awareness to the truth, sparking exponential shifts that will determine the future of our world.




Our mission is beyond fine art and selling artwork. At a time when the world has never been more divided, it is imperative for humanity to overcome the artificial labels that have separated us and reunify around the truth.


Our mission at The Art Shift is to facilitate the awakening of human consciousness. It is time for humanity to awaken to the truth of its divine nature and become aware to the hidden realities of our world buried beneath the surface, deep within the collective unconscious. 

We are at the merge between the Great Reset and the Great Awakening. The state of our collective consciousness will determine our destiny — a future of dystopian destruction and control or a divine manifestation of abundance and freedom. 


When you purchase an artwork from The Art Shift, you are not simply buying a one of a kind piece of artwork for your home. You are investing in our mission.


Each purchase enables us to expand our operations to reach more of the collective consciousness, shift beyond the centralized control systems of the fine art establishment, and change the trajectory of our world.


"The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths."

Bruce Nauman

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