It is a high calling to be an artist. Inherently, you are a creator — bringing life to something from nothing, which is now a living, breathing thing.


These creations have the power to expand our collective awareness to causes that spark evolutionary movement and drive lasting change in our world.




Formally founded in 2020, The Art Shift has been facilitating art experiences, video productions, and immersive installations since 2015 from Athens, GA to Berlin, Germany and now in Orange County, CA.


Our language is energy and we operate The Art Shift vibrationally, with the intention of curating and selling artwork that shifts our consciousness, expands our awareness and facilitates humanity's conscious awakening journey.

The Art Shift was founded on the idea that profound art experience transcends art and has the power to change your perception of reality and how you experience life.


"The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths."

Bruce Nauman