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We love our work and view our clients as family, members of our soul tribe. Nothing about The Art Shift is transactional in nature. The relationships we have with our clients are partnerships centered on mutual trust, transparency, commitment and communication—because we genuinely care for those with whom we work.


When you purchase an artwork from The Art Shift, you are not simply buying a one of a kind piece of artwork for your home. You are investing in our mission. Each purchase enables us to expand our operations to reach more of the collective consciousness, shift beyond the centralized control systems of the fine art establishment, and change the trajectory of our world.

We contribute a combined 22 years of professional, fine art, and client service experience to our foundations, our standards and our process. It is our relentless pursuit of world class quality, keen attention to detail, unmatched integrity, and unbridled authenticity that makes The Art Shift different. 

If you are acquiring an artwork from us, then it is not simply a piece of artwork. It should be an experience. The Art Shift offers a unique, full spectrum and tailored buying experience from start to finish. 

Acquisition of any artwork is an investment. It is an investment into the artwork, an investment into the artist, and an investment into advancing the artist's mission in the world. We take great care and stewardship of not just the artwork, but the entire acquisition process. Fine art acquisition with The Art Shift is inclusive of every step of the process: from pristine premium crating, fine art courier shipping service, to uncrating and installation. 

We have partnered with an experienced fine art logistics provider to help tailor the end-to-end experience to your specific needs as a collector. Following the purchase of the artwork, together we work directly with our clients to coordinate delivery and installation services that are individualized around your specifications according to the highest museum level standards. For more information about our process, please visit our FAQ page - here.

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