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*With Our Powers Combined...*


We are a husband and wife team, together for 18 years, that made the conscious decision to exit the traditional corporate and fine art systems to start a network of initiatives that could make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

The Art Shift represents a paradigm shift for both the art and the artist to expand beyond the confines of the traditional Fine Art establishment.

The very existence of The Art Shift is art itself. The Art Shift in its current form exists as a creative agency, an original show on ConsciousAwakening.TV, and fine art dealer focused on the awakening, evolution, and expansion of human consciousness.


Formally founded in 2020, The Art Shift has been facilitating art experiences, video productions, and immersive installations since 2015 from Athens, GA to Berlin, Germany, to Orange County, CA.


Our language is energy and we operate The Art Shift vibrationally. Our intention is curating and selling artwork that shifts our consciousness, expands our awareness, and facilitates the experience of awakening, in all of its forms.

We are passionate creators, curiously existential, forever non-traditional, authentic by nature, radical enough to believe that we can change the world by doing it our way and simply being ourselves.

"In a world where almost anything can be art, artists have a responsibility to do more."   ~ Brittany Brush

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