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Our mission at The Art shift is to facilitate an expansive thought revolution and radical shift in human consciousness through artistic expression. 

To help humanity awaken to its true divine nature and identity, that we are spiritual beings having a very real human experience.


To disrupt the regularly scheduled programming, shatter illusions, deconstruct the matrix control systems and reveal the truths of our reality.

To help the world transcend the social engineering, break free from the mass mind control, and awaken from the hypnosis of the corporate media apparatus to connect with a deeper truth through profound art experience.

To empower and facilitate the expansion of artists that are working in service to humanity to help others to awaken, to heal, to evolve, and to be inspired to create a new vision of reality.

To expand collective awareness about the causes that matter most to the artists we represent.

Our intention is to:

  • Curate artwork that is experience and to create space for people to experience their own sacred life force energy

  • Elevate & expand not simply the work of the artist, but their message

  • Connect artists with collectors that value their work and their mission in the world

The Art Shift exists to be in service to our fellow humans as we navigate awakening together and reunify our collective human consciousness.

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