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The Art Shift was founded by two outsiders to the traditional fine art establishment whose own awakening experiences ignited a desire to infuse the experience of awakening into the collective consciousness through art.

The Art Shift was founded with the intention to reach beyond the fine art world. To connect with real people.

It was founded to dismantle the old paradigms of dependence on the institution for determining your value and architecting your destiny as an artist.


It is the embodiment of the self-validating principle, understanding and owning your own value without needing the approval or validation of an external entity or institution. 


The Art Shift was founded to feature artists whose work and life is the embodiment of the change they wish to see in the world.


In a world where anything and everything can be labeled "art", we believe art and the artist have a responsibility to do more.

The Art Shift was founded on a set of core principles and ideas that are a radical paradigm shift for the role of art and the artist in today's world. 


True art is here to disrupt belief systems and reveal underlying truths.


True art is here to create space to heal and reconnect us with our innermost being.


True art should make you feel deeply, think expansively, and question everything.


True art at its finest is a vehicle into unseen realms, making the intangible tangible, the unseen seen, and the unconscious conscious.


True art shatters comfortable illusions and reveals uncomfortable truths.

The Art Shift was founded on the idea that profound art experience transcends art and can shift your perception of reality.

These experiences transform the way we look at the world, how we experience life, and connect us to spaces within ourselves that we didn't even know existed.

It's why we collect art in our homes, it's why we sit in an installation for hours, and it's why we share our experiences with anyone who will listen.

It is our intent to curate work that creates the space for others to experience these sacred and profound moments for themselves.

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