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Q: Where are you located?

A: We are currently online only and operate out of Laguna Beach, CA. We do not have a physical location at this time, but that could change in the future. If you are a collector interested in meeting in person, please contact Andrew Brush at hello@theartshift.com.


Q: What is The Art Shift Difference? 

A: We believe in fine art acquisition made simple. There are a number of steps from the time you purchase an artwork to the time it is hanging in your desired location. In many cases, this means purchasing from the artist, that artwork shipping via FedEx or a general freight service, then having to find a licensed, insured art handler for the uncrating and installation.

We choose to do fine art acquisition differently. 


Our aim is to make the acquisition experience as individualized, seamless and stress-free as possible. When you purchase from The Art Shift, we have established a partnership with an experienced fine art logistics and professional services provider to create a buying experience tailored around your needs and specifications as a collector.


Q: What happens after I purchase my artwork?

A: You will receive an individualized confirmation email from hello@theartshift.com that will detail next steps and timing for the acquisition of your artwork. 

About the Artwork


Q: What does the term Limited Edition mean?

A: Limited Edition means that there will only be a select number of editions produced for each artwork available for acquisition. The number of editions produced will be specific to each artwork. Once the edition is sold out, there will NEVER be more editions produced for that particular artwork.


Q: What are Artist Reserves?

A: For each artwork produced, the artist keeps a small number of editions (typically 5 or less) for their personal use and discretion. In many cases, these are kept in the artist studio or offered to close friends and family. Occasionally, these highly sought after editions are made available for acquisition to collectors. In the case of the Awakening Collection by Brittany Brush, each artwork produced has a smaller edition size to preserve its value . 


Q: Is the artwork signed and authenticated by the artist?

A: Yes — each work is signed by the Artist in the bottom right hand corner of the artwork. As a part of the acquisition process, each artwork includes a customized metal print that serves as the Certificate of Authenticity for the artwork. This print includes the name of the artwork, edition number, and custom holograph security logo of Brittany Brush that cannot be copied or replicated. 


Q: How is my artwork created?

A: We work with a print master partner that we trust to translate the exclusive photography and original video stills of Brittany Brush into HD Acrylic prints. These prints are referred to as HD Acrylic because when printed onto the high resolution Moab Slickrock Metallic Photo Paper, the exceptional image quality genuinely looks HD. The print is then face mounted onto the acrylic material. Other acrylic prints are printed directly onto the acrylic from a flatbed printer. However, the resolution cannot compare to the Metallic photo paper print and face mounting option that is utilized in the production process for this fine art acrylic print. The reason we work with this partner is specifically because of their production process as each print is individually hand crafted and treated as the one of a kind work of art that it is to ensure a pristine diamond finish. Our print master uses original inks and the highest quality optically clear adhesive to ensure the artwork maintains its brilliance and does not crack, fade, or yellow for a lifetime. 


Q: How do I care for my acrylic print?

A: You take care of your acrylic print as you would any other piece of fine art. Although we use exceptionally high quality materials, it is not immune to scratching. Do your best to not scratch and bang the corners of your acrylic print. Although it is quite durable, the edges can chip if the edges come in contact with a hard surface. Please be mindful to always treat your artwork with the utmost care. For regular maintenance, stay away from chemicals and solvents. We recommend cleaning with a microfiber cloth to keep its vibrancy and brilliance.


Q: Is the artwork framed?

A: Yes. Each acrylic print is framed in a real wood floating frame that displays the image with 1/4 in of space between the print edge and the frame to create a sleek floating effect.


Acquisition: Shipping & Delivery


Q: How is my artwork shipped?

A: Your artwork is a one of a kind priceless asset. It is our intent to ensure the acquisition process reflects the same level of care and handling as the process of its creation. We partner with a fine art logistics and professional services provider based in Southern California to ship locally, domestically and internationally. 


Q: How is the shipping cost calculated?

A: Our prices are all inclusive of each step of the acquisition process. For any domestic shipping location, no additional shipping charges are added. We charge an additional cost of $1500 for all international orders. 


Q: How long does it takes for my artwork to arrive?

A: Each artwork is custom made to order to ensure an individualized experience. For domestic orders, please allow 8-10 weeks to receive your artwork. For international orders, please allow 10-12 weeks.


Q: Is my artwork insured?

Yes. In the rare case of any damage incurred during transit, we ensure full coverage of each artwork shipment. The Art Shift will replace or repair any damages that are incurred between our facilities and your destination.


If your artwork does arrive damaged, please contact us within 24 hours and provide clear photos, so that we can investigate and begin the production of a replacement. 


Q: How does my artwork arrive?

A: Your artwork is custom crated in a premium fine art crate. These premium crates are made to last 20+ years to preserve your artwork for the long-term. 

Q: How do I hang/install my artwork?

A: Each artwork shipped includes the appropriate hanging equipment attached to the back of the frame and will arrive ready to hang. Due to the intrinsic value of the artwork, we have included uncrating and installation services as part of our acquisition process. We will work with our fine art logistics partner together with you to coordinate delivery, uncrating and installation.  All installations are done by an insured and licensed professional fine art handler that specializes in fine art installation.