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Installations have the unique ability to transcend their physical environment and transport you into another time & space, to a different world, or even a different reality. These physically manifested moments captured in time seem to exist outside of time. New worlds are formed, portals are opened, and the viewer is given open space to experience a new reality.


These are sacred moments to simply be in the space, be in your body, and be open to the energy that presents itself. We are given these still moments to be present, to reflect, to feel, and to actually experience the energetic expression of the artist and the artwork. Transcendent moments happen from within this space. Through the intention of the artist and the energy of the artwork, the best installations make an imprint on the viewer and expand the viewer's perception of their inner and outer worlds.



Before The Art Shift was formally The Art Shift, we were creating installations together. As Brittany would also say, "Sculpture is a team sport". Her visions were always bigger than what one person could do on their own and we found joy in working together to create something potent, moving, and expansive that could be experienced by others. Over time, we realized we weren't simply creating artwork, but we were creating environments that took on a life of their own with the potential to facilitate a shift in one's own consciousness. 


The Art Shift was founded on this idea that a profound art experience transcends art and can shift your perception of reality.  These experiences have the potential to transform the way we look at the world, how we experience life, and connect us to spaces within ourselves that we didn't even know existed. 

This is the intention and intuitive energy we cultivate into each work. We are continually tuning in to interact with the consciousness of the experiencer, honoring the experiencer's ongoing search, conscious or unconscious,  for a deeper version of their internal selves, and creating an environment for that to occur. This is the embodiment of The Art Shift.

BRUSH_Inscape_2 copy.jpg
BRUSH_Inscape_3 copy.jpg
BRUSH_Incinerate_1 copy.jpg
BRUSH_MementoMori_1 copy.jpg
BRUSH_MementoMori_2 copy.jpg
Finding Equilibrium
Finding Equilibrium
Finding Equilibrium
The Last Transmission_Still_1.png
BRUSH_Misophonia_Install_2 copy.jpg
BRUSH_Misophonia_Install_1 copy.jpg
BRUSH_TheLastTransmission_1 copy.jpg
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