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Divine Revelation: Embodiment, 2015

Divine Revelation: Embodiment, 2015

Inner knowing prompts inspired action as the individual reconnects with their mission on earth, becoming the living embodiment of the divine principle. We shift from the experiencer of reality to watchful observer to becoming the creator of new realities. This internal process constitutes a radical shift in one’s identity as the knowledge of this combined experience, the God self and human self, is integrated into the body, mind, spirit complex of the individual.


The identity shift creates a perception shift, and the perception shift creates a new spectrum of translation of experience that changes the very fabric of reality, not simply for the individual, but for creation as a whole. The sincere practice of this sacred truth is the transformation of the individual. It is the rebirth into the highest version of one’s Self. This process is the actualization of becoming the authentic, individuated expression of the Universal Self in living form.

    • There are 25 (18" x 24") editions available for this artwork.
    • There are 25 (27" x 36") editions available for this artwork.
    • There are 20 (36" x 48") editions available for this artwork. The first 5 artist editions are artist editions kept in the private collection of Brittany Brush.
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