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Divine Revelation: Gnosis, 2015

Divine Revelation: Gnosis, 2015

These peak experiences of profound spiritual realization are but a glimpse into the lived nature of the fully integrated self. These are moments of deep inner gnosis that prompt an inward quest for deeper understanding. They are the source of our fuel for the journey. Their memory summons our conviction in moments of despair. It is the nectar on the tongue of our memories that keeps us going as the divine calls us forward. We become the seeker.


These spontaneous realizations that arise from within, over time, blossom into an expansion of aligned clarity and certainty, a deep inner gnosis of which direction to take even if it you can’t see the full path ahead. As the awakening journey matures, there is no more external validation required, no more guides and gurus to confirm what you already know or which direction to move. There is only you and the divine, in the flow of life, co-creating and experiencing life as one.

    • There are 25 (18" x 24") editions available for this artwork.
    • There are 25 (27" x 36") editions available for this artwork.
    • There are 20 (36" x 48") editions available for this artwork. The first 5 artist editions are artist editions kept in the Brittany Brush's private collection.
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