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Divine Revelation: Gnosis, 2015

Divine Revelation: Gnosis, 2015

Lumachrome Acrylic Print. Optional custom floating black wood frame can be added based on the collector's preference.


These peak experiences of profound spiritual realization are but a glimpse into the lived nature of the fully integrated self. These are moments of deep inner gnosis that prompt an inward quest for deeper understanding. They are the source of our fuel for the journey. Their memory summons our conviction in moments of despair. It is the nectar on the tongue of our memories that keeps us going as the divine calls us forward. We become the seeker.


These spontaneous realizations that arise from within, over time, blossom into an expansion of aligned clarity and certainty, a deep inner gnosis of which direction to take even if it you can’t see the full path ahead. As the awakening journey matures, there is no more external validation required, no more guides and gurus to confirm what you already know or which direction to move. There is only you and the divine, in the flow of life, co-creating and experiencing life as one.



The Divine Revelation | Series


You might not realize it at first, but in Awakening you are becoming aware to the multiplicity of your experiences. It’s as if you are suddenly being projected onto a full spectrum of experiences that you were not aware of before, but that are now simultaneously occurring. And this is what I would describe as an overlap between the human and the divine experience.


The body is this magnificent container that houses both experiences and allows both the human and the divine to experience this three dimensional world.


This moment of realization ignites an awareness to this combined experience, as the human is becoming aware of the fact that it’s having a very human experience and that it’s also having an experience of God within the human form. It opens us to this entire spectrum of translation that has always existed but has been beyond the human’s field of perception.


As with all aspects of Awakening, there is the realization and the integration. The realization brings forth the innate knowledge within of one’s true divine nature manifest into human form. The integration is the application of this truth into the life and spiritual practice of the individual. What does it really mean to be aware of and live as this integrated experience of humanity and divinity? This question that one begins to grapple with brings forth a conscious devotion and sacred process of cleansing, purification and letting go.


Letting go of the labels we’ve embraced as our limited ego identity for our entire lives.


Transcending beyond the social conditioning, beyond the mind itself, back into the presence of one’s own soul.


Surrendering to the deep release of everything in one’s life: core beliefs, stories, programming, old paradigms, any limitation that is preventing the individual from becoming the living embodiment of this divine understanding.


The sincere practice of this sacred truth is the transformation of the individual. It is the rebirth into the highest version of one’s Self.


This limited edition collection is the embodied realization of waking up from the illusion of separation. It is the realization that God is not some separate celestial entity in the sky, but is the life force energy embedded and intertwined within the human experience.


It is the revelation of your true divine nature, reaching across dimension, experiencing yourself, experiencing God and feeling the magic in the merge of these two realities. It is the reminder that the spiritual reality is right in front of your eyes, at your fingertips, closer than you could ever imagine.

  • Each artwork is custom made to order. There are 20 (36" x 48") editions available for this artwork. There are an additional 5 artist editions kept in the artists's private collection.

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