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Divine Revelation: Realization, 2015

Divine Revelation: Realization, 2015

You might not realize it at first, but in Awakening you are becoming aware to the multiplicity of your experiences. It’s as if you are suddenly being projected onto a full spectrum of experiences that you were not aware of before, but that are now simultaneously occurring. This moment of realization results in a profound shift in one’s own consciousness.


It is a radical and almost immediate expansion of awareness to the dual nature of one’s experience of reality. The very formation of our identity, our perception, and the truth of our existence is taken on a journey of inward transformation. We are renewed and reborn. We have awakened from the slumber of our dream state.

    • There are 25 (18" x 24") editions available for this artwork.
    • There are 25 (27" x 36") editions available for this artwork.
    • There are 20 (36" x 48") editions available for this artwork. The first 5 artist editions are artist editions kept in the private collection of Brittany Brush.
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